Best Night Clubs in Tokyo

Club Sound Vision Museum Shibuya Tokyo

Club Sound Vision Museum Shibuya Tokyo

In Tokyo, Shibuya hosts the most clubs in the city followed by Roppongi district.You'll find the 9 most popular clubs in the city below with descriptions of each and the type of crowd each club attracts.


Club Rules:
Almost every club has an ID check, so don’t forget your passport.
Be warned that there are also dress codes to abide by: No shorts, tank tops, sweats, warm ups, or sandals.
Tattoo’s are also unaccepted so be sure to cover them up with clothing.

[caption id="attachment_14005" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Club Esprit Roppongi Tokyo Photo Credit: Club Esprit in Roppongi[/caption]

It’s a bit of a poser club, but performances by invited foreign artists give it a stylish image.
Inside the club is a 4 diameter hole in the ceiling giving the place a more up-scale feel.


Music: All mix・EDM・HipHop
The Crowd: ♂20~35 ♀20~30 - Popular grounds for young girls, but with big events the male female ratio balances out quite well. “Love of music” and “wanting to meet the opposite sex” are reasons most people party here, so meet some new people by talking up music, it seems to work in many cases.


Address: 5-1-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Roppongi (Bldg:六本木B&Vビル2F・3F)
Access: 1 min walk from Roppongi station (Hibiya, Toei-Oedo lines) TEL:03-3470-1371
Open: 10:00pm – 5:00am
Cost: Sunday – Thursday Men: ¥2,500 w/2 Drinks Women: ¥1,000 w/ 3 Drinks
Fri/ Sat/ Day before holiday
(10:00pm −12:00am) Men: ¥2,500 w/ 2 Drinks Women: Free
(12:00am − 5:00am) Men: ¥3,500 w/ 2 Drinks Women: ¥1,000 w/2 Drinks

[caption id="attachment_14003" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Club 1 Oak Roppongi Tokyo Photo Credit: Club 1 Oak in Roppongi[/caption]

② 1 Oak Tokyo
Opened in 2017, this newcomer to Tokyo's nightlife dawns the prestigious 1 Oak brand name that hails from New York's club scene. The 3 floor building boats VIP rooms, a karaoke room, and a rooftop terrace that is inviting to fashionistas, artists, hipsters, and elite business men of Tokyo.   


Music: HipHop・R&B ・ Electro ・and more


Address: 5-10-25 Roppongi, Minato-ku, (Bldg: EXけやき坂ビル)
Access: 5 min. walk from Roppong station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya, Toei-Oedo lines)
Tel: 03-6447-2002
Closed: N/A
Open: 11PM - 5AM 
Men: ¥3,000~¥5,000; Women: ¥2,000~¥3,000 (cost varies on day)

[caption id="attachment_14002" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Club Le Baron de Paris Omotesando Tokyo Japan Photo Credit: Le Baron de Paris Tokyo[/caption]

③ Le Baron de Paris
The flagship club in Paris paired up with the world’s top creator to create a members only lounge with the concept of “70’s~80’s secret club”. The sister club here in Tokyo has got a good image and many celebrities frequent. Many famous DJ’s also spin here making it one of the can’t miss playgrounds. This club has a favorable reputation among celebrities who come incognito and world renown DJ’s are always lined up packing the house. It’ll never bore you.


Music: All mix ・ HipHop ・ House ・ Disco ・ Electronic
The Crowd: ♂25~40 ♀20~35 - Veteran clubbers often find themselves here, but 1st timers among the female crowd also party here. This is the place for people who know how to party in style. There are many experienced clubbers, but there are females who are here for the first time as well. For those fashionable men and women tired of clubbing in Roppongi often find themselves here.


Address: 3-8-40 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Bldg: 青山センタービル B1)
Access: 3 min. walk from Omotesando station exit A4 (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Ginza lines); 3 min walk from Gaienmae station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line)

Closed: Tue, Sun (not fixed)
Open: 22:00-MIDNIGHT
Cost: Depends on event

[caption id="attachment_14001" align="aligncenter" width="1912"]V2 Tokyo Roppongi Tokyo Photo Credit: V2 Tokyo in Roppongi[/caption]

The club ranks among the top 2 spots in Roppongi for entertaining and getting the crowd into it.
The poser music and mood allows for easy entry for amateur clubbers.

Wealthy guys and handsome men are the majority and the girls that flock to them are also astonishingly beautiful. Not to mention top performing DJ’s from overseas randomly make guest appearances and surprise the crowd. It’s a club that surprises in a good way. If you are a guy and go alone, you won't be allowed in, so be sure to bring a wing-man or female friend.


Music: Allmix ・ House ・ HipHop ・ Live ・ Electro ・ EDM ・ R&B

The Crowd: ♂25~35 ♀20~30 - The rich sitting in VIP seats open champagne bottles one after another.

And both the younger and older “garu girls” are at another level than what you see on the streets.


Address: 5-5-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku (Bldg: ロアビル13F)
Access: 4 min. walk from Roppongi station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya, Toei-Oedo lines)
Tel: 03-5474-0091
Open: 10:00pm~5:00am
※Free entry for females
Mon~Wed: Men ¥2,000 w/1 drink
Thu.: Men ¥3,000 w/2 drinks
Fri•Sat•Day before holidays: Men ¥3,500 w/2 drinks

[caption id="attachment_14004" align="aligncenter" width="642"]Club Genius Ginza Tokyo Photo Credit: Club Genius Tokyo[/caption]

Located in Ginza, it’s one of the most prominent large scale clubs in Tokyo.
This well established club, though it’s been open for only 13 years, gets a steady support of followers that work in the Ginza area.
Its location is inviting to many that work in the Ginza area and on weekends the floor is packed with businessmen and office women stopping by after work.
Beginners can easily enter the club with floors paying different types of music. All Mix on one floor and R&B on the other.


Music: All mix ・ HipHop ・ Disco ・ Others

The Crowd: ♂25~40 ♀25~35 - The guests, compared to Shibuya and Roppongi, are older.
There are more gentlemen and less aggressive guys. Good for girls still getting familiar with clubs.


Address: 6-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku (Bldg: 646ビル3F-6F)
Access: Ginza station (Tokyo Metro Ginza, Marunouchi, Hibiya lines)

Closed: Sun•Mon
Open: Tue〜Thu, Fri 7:00pm〜12:00am, Sat 8:00pm〜12:00am
Tue〜Thu: Men 3,000 yen w/drink+food coupons Women 1,000 yen w/all you can drink
Fri: Men 5,000 yen w/drink+food coupons Women 2,000 yen w/drink+food coupons
Sat: Men 4,000 yen w/drink+food coupons Women 1,000 yen w/drink+food coupons

[caption id="attachment_14000" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Club TK Shibuya Tokyo Japan Photo Credit: Club TK Shibuya[/caption]

⑥ TK Shibuya
Without a doubt the top club gathering crowds.
Located in Shibuya, regardless of weekday or weekend, crowds flock!
A large dance floor occupies most of the space and you can enjoy the music while drinking, and pick up the opposite gender (or same) or be picked up, but it’s the place to do it. If you venture into the back there are VIP seats which make it obvious with groups of champaign drinking men with money and beautiful girls. It’s up to you to decide how to have fun!


Music: Electro ・ EDM ・ R&B ・ Dance ・ Allmix ・ Techno ・ Trance ・ House ・ HipHop
The Crowd: ♂20~28 ♀20~30 - Fitting for Shibuya, young pups new to clubbing often visit here, for many of them, Roppongi is the place to go, but the hurdle is a bit too high for their lack of “clubbing experience”. Newly christened university girls looking for a little fun find themselves within these doors. The chances of males and females looking to hook up are not small. 80% of the females are within their early 20’s.


Address: 13-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo. Chitose Kaikan Basement fl.
Access: 4 min walk from Shibuya station: JR (Yamanote line), Tokyo Metro (Hanzomon, Ginza, Fukutoshin lines)
Open: 10pm
Cost: Mon〜Thu, Sun. 10:00pm〜midnight: Male/Female: 1,000 yen w/2 drinks
Midnight〜: Male 2,500 yen w/2 drinks Female 1,500 yen w/2 drinks
Fri/Sat/Holidays 10:00pm~Midnight: Male 2,000 yen w/1 drink Female: 1,000 yen w/2 drinks
Midnight〜: Male 3,500 yen w/1 drink Female 2,500 yen w/2 drinks

[caption id="attachment_13999" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Club Ageha Tokyo Japan Photo Credit: Club Ageha[/caption]

⑦ ageHa

It is said to be the most orthodox club in Tokyo. The floor is split into ARENA, ISLAND, WATER, and BOX. It has the honor to call itself the largest club in Japan, always hosting can’t miss events with the world’s most popular DJ’s within Japan and overseas. More people come here to enjoy the music and atmosphere more than picking up chicks, but that isn’t to say it is infrequent.
The floor of the club is also big which allows for sizable resting areas. You can get to know random people fairly easier than other clubs.

Don’t miss out on the Cyber TRANCE event!


Music: EDM ・ House ・ Trance ・ Techno ・ Allmix ・ Live ・ R&B ・ Electronic ・ HipHop
The Crowd: ♂20~40 ♀20~40


Address: 2-2-10 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. from Shin-Kiba station (JR saikyo/rinkai line; Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line)
TEL: 03-5534-2525
Open: Not listed
Price: Depends on event

[caption id="attachment_13998" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Club Camelot Shibuya Tokyo Japan Photo Credit: Club Camelot in Shibuya[/caption]

⑧ Club Camelot
Camelot is one of the prominent clubs in Tokyo to boast popularity and bring in large crowds, most of whom are unierrsity students.
Weekends mostly consists of Hip hop and House music on the 3 floor spaces available.


Music: All mix・House・R&B・EDM・HipHop


Address: 1-18-2 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo (bldg.: Jinnanzaka Frame Basement fl. 2 & 3)
Access: 5 min. walk from Shibuya station
Closed: N/A
Open: 21:00〜Midnight, depends on event
Cost: Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu: Depends on events, Fri/Sat/Day before holiday: Men: 3,500 yen (2 drinks). Female: 2,500 yen (2 drinks)

[caption id="attachment_13997" align="aligncenter" width="860"]Club Womb Tokyo Japan Photo Credit: Club Womb[/caption]


The name of Womb is a bit weird, and uneasy to say at first, but their music, interior and lighting make it one of the top choices for clubbers.
UK’s Mix Mag magazine once ranked this club the No.2 club in the world. The dance floor is designed to be inviting for music and dance lovers to do their thing.


Music: House ・ Techno ・ Minimal ・ Drum&Bass ・ Electro


Address: 2-16 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Access: 7 min. walk from Shibuya station.
TEL: 03-5459-0039
Closed: N/A
Open: Depends on events
Cost: Depends on events


*Clubs are subject to change names and locations. Be sure to check the club website before visiting.