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Photo credit: ume-y via Visual Hunt / CC BY
Photo credit: ume-y via Visual Hunt / CC BY
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●Town Info

Over 600 million people, that’s 5 times the population of Japan, have visited Tokyo Disney Resort since opening. Annually, the resort is host to over 30 million visitors a year representing Japan in the highest regard in entertainment and amusement.


The theme parks Disneyland and DisneySea combine to make Tokyo Disney Resort, and Tokyo DisneySea is the only one of its kind to exist in the world.


There is one thing that needs to be clear. Although it reads “Tokyo Disney Resort” it’s actually in Chiba,  one of the neighboring prefectures of Tokyo, and there is nothing to do or see outside of Disney Resort. The amusement park is located on the waterfront and so if you are not interested in Disney or don’t believe in magic or dreams coming true, it’s better to stay away and find something better to do.

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Near Maihama station [舞浜駅] on JR Keio Line [JR京葉線]・ Musashino Line[武蔵野線]

25 min. on Tokyo Bay City Bus [東京ベイシティバス] via Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea,  from Urayasu station [浦安駅] (on Tokyo Metro Tozai line [東西線])


Direct buses available from JR Shinjuku station [JR新宿駅], JR Tokyo station [JR東京駅], JR Akihabara station [JR秋葉原駅], Tokyo Skytree Town [東京スカイツリータウン], Haneda Airport [羽田空港], and Narita Airport [成田空港].


For information:
Keisei Bus [京成バス]: 047-470-6071
JR Bus: 03-3844-1950 (for buses departing from Shinjuku station only)
Tobu Bus [東武バス]: 03-3899-0801 (Tokyo Skytree Town only)
Tokyo Bay City Bus [東京ベイシティバス]: 047-352-2111

Check which long distance buses and hotels have direct bus transport to the resort below:


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Both resorts are well spread out, but it can get absurdly crowded, of course on holidays, but also during event season or even on weekdays when there are school trips. So, for you to enjoy the popular attractions and see parade shows, it’ll most likely take you an entire day at 1 theme park. Plan ahead so you know which one to go to, or maybe you will visit both over two days.


For Your Info:

  1. There is plenty of English language support to get you around the large park efficiently, from English guide maps to information centers specifically for foreigners. Check them all out and put them to good use!





  1. Use the FASTPASS

The FASTPASS, as the name suggests, is a pass that shortens your waiting time at popular attractions. How does it work? Head to the attraction you want to ride and look for the FASTPASS machine and get your FASTPASS ticket issued. Return to the attraction at the stated time on the ticket and use the FASTPASS lane. This way you can save time and get the most out of your time at the park.


FASTPASS is FREE, so once you know which attractions you want to ride, first thing you should do is get the pass for each one. It is especially handy (or necessary) for the more popular attractions.


Type of Tickets and Purchase Method
Basically there are 3 ways to buy tickets:

  1. ① Go the the ticket booth on the day you arrive.
  2. ② Reserve online.
  3. ③ Buy tickets at a convenience store.


If you’ve got a printer and credit card at your disposal use it and forget about lining up. See the below link for more detailed information in the language of your choice:



Let’s not forget that there are no free Wi-Fi spots in the park. The services that will be mentioned below require internet access, so be sure to use the free Wi-Fi spots around the park, for example, nearby cafes, stations, and convenience stores, etc before entering Disney Resort.

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●Check It

  • Disneyland:

    Popular and Crowded Attractions
  • Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain are at the top in popularity at Disneyland. If you’re looking to enjoy outdoor thrills in a jet coaster like fashion, look no further than Big Thunder Mountain.

And if you want to experience a  journey through a story and go down a waterfall splashing with water, Splash Mountain is your best bet. Just remember that it may be closed during winter or due to bad weather, so it’s closed often.


Monsters Inc. “Ride and Go Seek!” And Star Wars in 3D “Star Tours” have both opened after renovations, demanding popularity, expect both to be super crowded.


Surprisingly popular is “Pooh’s Honney Hunt” which exists only in Japan. Apparently ticket can sell out by late afternoon.


Anyway, waiting times are displayed in real time on the official website so use it to get around effectively and have a good time.


Full Attraction List: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/attraction/lists/park:tdl


  1. Parade Shows

Only at Tokyo Disneyland can you witness the “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights” show. Around 1 million lights colorfully light up dream-like floats carrying Disney characters, with music playing around the park, the romantic, fairytale-like parade goes on for 45 min.


The parades are held everyday from around 18:30 and pass throughout the park, so it’s easy to find a spot not so crowded, and if you are lucky Mickey might just wave at you!


If it rains and the usual parade is canceled, you are really unlucky. But instead, a mini parade called “Nightfall Glow,” in which limited Disney characters dance with umbrellas, is held.


  1. Where to find Characters

For those of you dying to meet Mickey, go to “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey.”

At his house, found at the base of the mountain, Mickey is being filmed and there you can meet him without fail and take a commemorative photo with him; he might even sign something for you if you’re really lucky!


  1. Restaurants

At Disneyland, because there are restaurants that garner as much popularity as the attractions, there is Priority Seating, a reservation service for the restaurants.


For those of you who want to eat while experiencing the joy of Disney, try the Blue Bayou Restaurant, it’s inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The dining atmosphere is  great, but seats are limited so using Priority Seating is a must.


Priority Seating is available at the following 5 restaurants only: Center Street Coffeehouse, Eastside Cafe, Restaurant Hokusai, Crystal Palace Restaurant and the Blue Bayou Restaurant.


Make reservations online – possible from one month before until day before – or at the restaurant day of (if still available) and go there at the time indicated. As the name suggests you will be treated with priority.


Blue Bayou is the most popular restaurant, and gets flooded with patrons soon after the park opens. So either reserve beforehand or head to the restaurant straight away.


If you want to enjoy a meal while taking in a Disney show, then be sure to make reservations at The Diamond Horseshoe and Polynesian Terrace Restaurant. Reservations can be made from one month in advance to 1 day prior to arrival. Same day reservations are not accepted. Showing up without a reservation is risky, but perhaps you’ll get lucky and there are some seats available, if not, too bad.


Whether you have no interest in food or just have no time, there are food trucks in every area, so buy some food and eat while waiting for an attraction or show and get the most out of your experience.



For shoppers who need to get their hands on original Tokyo Disneyland goods that pair with parades and shows, here’s what you need. The extremely popular “Magical Dream Light,” which Mickey sparkles in 7 different colors, lights up in a special color only during the “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights” night parade.It can be bought at the Toy Station in the World Bazaar, and be sure to buy it before the parade.


Be on the lookout for limited edition seasonal or event related goods; and as you can imagine, there are are sweets, general goods, and  clothes with “Tokyo Disneyland” written on it. There are so many items for sale, so if you’re a shopaholic, plan ahead so you have plenty of time to shop. The shops get extremely busy near closing time.



  1. Attractions

3 popular attractions in DisneySea that are almost impossible to get on even with FASTPASS. Those are “Toy Story Mania!”, “Indiana Jones,” and “Tower of Terror”.


“Toy Story Mania!” is so popular there are times when FASTPASS is sold out 30 min. after the park opens. So, if you’re objective is to get on all 3 rides in a single day, go when the weather is not so nice and go for it.


Take a ride on the “Venetian Gondola” if you’re looking for an attraction only available at DisneySea. Ride the gondola in elegance while taking in what some people call the main attraction of DisneySea, the Mediterranean Harbor.  Keep in mind though that operations are paused in preparation for shows, and so the ride is very busy before and after shows.


Some days are packed with shows, particularly during event seasons, so you will have no chance to ride the gondola. Be sure to check the show schedule before going!


Lastly, the waiting time for each attraction at DisneySea is available in real time on the official website, so use it well to ensure a fantastic time!


Full Attraction List: http://s.tokyodisneyresort.jp/tds/atrc_list.htm



A popular show that can only be seen at Disneysea is “Fantasmic!” Set on the “Mediterranean Harbor,” a world of dynamic illusions unfold with laser beams, fires, lights, and other special effects. And of course Disney characters take the spotlight with movie characters like Aladdin and Cinderella starting the show off appearing on a massive water screen, or Mickey taking on a dragon. The show takes place almost everyday from 8pm and goes on for 20 min., depending on weather of course. For show lovers, be sure to be at the front with the best view.


Where to find Characters

Compared to Disneyland, DisneySea has more greeting spots with the characters; a day in heaven for those of you who love them. Among the greeting areas the most popular is “Mickey and Friends’ Greeting Trails”.


Meet with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald! And if you’re chasing after Duffy, which you can only meet in DisneySea, you better rush over to “Village Greeting Place”. You can get yourself a keepsake photo but check the waiting time and have yourself a memorable time!



Unlike Disneyland, DisneySea is full of restaruants serving alcoholic beverages, and very little or no wait time to be seated. More restaurants accept internet reservations and Priority Seating too, so if you want more time to enjoy your meal DisneySea is the better choice.


For those of you want the best of both worlds, dining while viewing a show, head to

“Cape Cod Cook-off” located at American Waterfront. Imaged after a western, Duffy, Mickey, and other characters put on the show, “My Friend Duffy”.


Unfortunately, there are no reservations, but it’s the only place Duffy comes up to your seat and the show is only 10 minutes long with a 5 min. break, therefore you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the show.


Restaurants along the Mediterranean Harbor are highly recommended for going on a date. Restaurants with genuine course menus, a rich selection of wines, wonderful atmosphere, etc. are in abundance.



Goods that can only be bought at DisneySea: of course, Duffy goods.


Near the entrance gate, “Galleria Disney” has a whole selection of Duffy goods. Not only that, DisneySea in collaboration with clothing brands and bags, has a vast collection of special DisneySea bags and outdoor fashion items for sale. Special seasonal or event related goods, sweets suited for presents, phone accessories, etc. fill the shop. Just looking around brings joy!


Special Service and Ways to Enjoy Disney Resort

Introducing the hotels around Disney Resort for those of you want to have a blast at both parks. In the Disney Resort premise, there are 3 Disney hotels, 6 official hotels, and 1 partner hotel located near the resort that offers free shuttle service to and from the parks.


The hotel with the most to offer are the Disney Hotels. Their special entrances for staying guests, and 15 min. head start into the park before it opens, are examples of the wonderful services offered to allow you to have a magical time and enjoy the most popular rides to the fullest.


But it doesn’t stop there, restaurants designed for guests to dine with characters, or character rooms where guests can staey in, and depending on the hotel, special package deals are available. However, it doesn’t come cheap. 40,000 yen a night (or more) is the price, and even then it is very popular, reservations can be hard to get. And in comparison, the 6 Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels offer guaranteed entry to the parks for staying guests, and can be as low as 10,000~20,000 yen a night during weekdays in the low season. That is about half of what you can expect to pay in the city with the same hotel chain, or similar class.


Official Hotels also offer plans with fast passes, or tickets to shows, so if you’re not picky about staying in a character room, the official hotels offer plenty to have a good time.


The hotel packages and information change frequently so be sure to keep your eye on the below links.


Disney Hotels: http://www.disneyhotels.jp/english/index.html

Official Hotels: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/about/rh/official.html


For the visitor who wants to learn about the park and not just ride the attractions, check out the Guided Tours. In small groups guides will explain the background story of the attractions, and how they designed them, offer quizzes, and inside info on the best places to view shows and parades. There is just one catch. To participate, you will need to have an understanding of Japanese as it is only offered in that language.


Group size: 12 people max.
Tour time: 1 hour 30min.
Adults: 2,500 yen (in or above middle school age)
Kids: 1,000 yen (4 years old to elementary school)
Babies: Free (3 years or younger)


Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland)
Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba [千葉県浦安市舞浜 1-1]

0570-05-1118 (Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations Center)
0570-00-8632 (General information)
0570-00-3932 (Automated Information Service:  Park Hours, Ticket Info)
0570-00-3388 (Tokyo Disney Resort Traffic Information 24 hours Japanese only)

Open: everyday 8:00~22:00 (can change depending on day)
Park entry can be limited.
Url: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/

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