Photo credit: Manish Prabhune via VisualHunt / CC BY
Photo credit: Manish Prabhune via VisualHunt / CC BY
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●Town Info

Roppongi, a place of business and playful enjoyment that stretches into the bounds of the red-light district, is the epicenter of internationalism in Japan; as so, many of the foreign financial institutions and foreign embassies call Roppongi home.


You’ll find it to be comfortable as English is often spoken and available, so it’s also no mystery that overseas visitors find themselves here.


Roppongi and its neighbor Nishi-Azabu are both districts that never sleep filled with nightlife. Many of the clubs and bars are open until late into the night or dawn.


Being the most prominent gourmet district in Tokyo, French, Italian, and Japanese restaurants awarded Michelin stars are commonplace.


In terms of shopping, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown – 2 large diversified commercial complexes – are replete with luxury brands.


For other activities, visiting the 3 museums near the area (see below) is not a bad idea for you intellectuals.


The area is made up of one of the most expensive residential towns, a few TV stations, and celebrities are frequently spotted.


Beautiful women putting on airs, is also a common trait of Roppongi.

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Roppongi Station:
Tokyo Metro: Hibiya line
Toei Railway: Oedo line

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Above all else, one ought to enjoy the nightlife and food Roppongi and Azabu area has to offer.


As mentioned earlier, many clubs and bars more than welcome foreigners, and with many of these establishments open into the early morning, you too can certainly have a memorable time. And if you are a female, the info below may not be so interesting. [But it’s a fun read!]


If you are a handsome guy, getting close with a beautiful Japanese female at a club or bar may not prove to be so challenging, but Roppongi is the place where you will have the highest chance.


Perhaps you are not a cool, tall, good-looking guy, no matter, opportunities will present itself if you are cheerful and having a good time.  If you’ve got nothing, no appeal, or charm, don’t bother, and maybe call the night quits.


Now, if you are filthy rich, another way to get close to stunningly gorgeous girls is by dropping serious cash at one of many gentlemen’s clubs, where those girls come and sit next to you and offer up drinks.


Roppongi is 2nd only to Ginza in the number of luxury clubs where beautiful young soulless Japanese girls from all over Japan gather. To give you an idea of the level of beauty, it’s like the Premier League of soccer, or the Major League of baseball.


The bill will be ever so slightly cheaper than Ginza, around 15,000 yen〜30,000 yen, enough to enjoy yourself unless you go overboard. But again, you’re just sitting next to these glamour girls and paying a hefty price. And 99% of the time, nothing more will occur. You may think it’s unreasonable, but it’ll make for a good story when you return home.


Let’s not forget that this town is also the place of gastronomy of the highest level.

There are many famous European cuisines blocks away from each other and it may be because of the large number of foreigners congregating here from years back.


Cuisine from nations across the world, and those you may have not even heard of are served. It’s more than likely that you will find your country’s dishes around here, so if you get hit hard with homesickness, find your home country’s cuisine and feel better. Let’s not forget that there are wonderful Japanese restaurants around as well.

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●Check It

You won’t find any historical structures in Roppongi. Basically, it’s not much of a sightseeing place.


Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are multi-complex buildings that house office space, residences, museums, and a hotel. In total, over 100 shops and restaurants are listed.


There is no reason to go out of your way to visit this area, but again, the shops and restaurants located here are very high-end, so it’s not a waste of time if you stop by.

The elaborate commercial complex of Roppongi Hills also comes with an observation deck and a movie theater.


Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower was complete in 1958 standing proudly at 333 meters tall, and is what many Japanese consider, the symbol of Tokyo, however, since the completion of Skytree, the crowd is not as big as it used to be, but it cannot be helped.


At 150 meters and 250 meters, each of the observation decks stand over the far-reaching city and visitors can grasp the entirety of Tokyo. On a sunny day you can see Mt Fuji clearly in the distance, and at night, the colorfully lit up city is quite romantic.


If art is more of your thing, the National Art Center, Tokyo is the place to be. The museum doesn’t have it’s own collection, holding instead various exhibits.


The eye catching outward appearance with undulating stretched glass was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, a world famous architect.


Inside there is a shop where visitors can purchase original goods designed by famous artists, Japanese handcrafted gifts, and other general items. Moreover, within the museum walls is world renown owner-chef, Paul Bocuse’s 3 Michelin star restaurant: BRASSERIE PAUL BOCUSE Le Musee, and can be had for 2,000 yen at lunch or a dinner course starting at 2,500 yen.


Mori Art Museum, on the other hand, showcases modern art at Roppongi Hills.

For 1,500 yen you can enter the art museum as well as Tokyo City View, located on the 53rd floor (238 meters tall) boasting an impressive view of Tokyo’s skyline.

At Tokyo Midtown, Suntory Museum of Art follows a theme of traditional handicrafts.


Roppongi Hills:
Address: Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3min. walk from Roppongi station
[Roppongi Station] Tokyo Metro: Hibiya Line / Toei Railways: Oedo line
TEL: 03-6406-6000
Closed: N/A
Open:11:00~9:00pm (doors close) *Restaurants open until 11pm.
※Opening and closing can vary for each shop.


Tokyo Midtown
Address: 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 2 min. walk from Roppongi station
[Roppongi Station] Tokyo Metro: Hibiya Line / Toei Railways: Oedo line
TEL: 03-3475-3100
Closed: January 1st
Open: 11:00〜9pm (doors close) *Restaurants open until 11pm.
※Opening and closing can vary for each shop.


National Art Center, Tokyo
Address: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. walk from [Roppongi station]; near [Nogizaka station] Exit #6
on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line.
TEL: 03-5777-8600
Cost: Depends on exhibit (ranges from 0~1,500 yen)
Closed: Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a holiday, the next day will be closed)
Open: 10~6pm (doors open until 5:30pm) Fridays: Open until 8pm (doors open until 7:30pm)


Tokyo Tower
Address: 4-2-8 Shiba koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. walk from [Akanebashi station] on the Toei Oedo line; 20 min. walk from [Roppongi station]

Roppongi Station:
TEL: 03-3433-5111
Cost to observation deck: Adult: 820 yen; Student (Primary, Jr. High): 460 yen; Child (from 4 years of age): 310 yen.
Additional cost from observation deck to upper level deck: Adult: 600 yen; Student (Primary, Jr. High): 400 yen; Child (from 4 years of age): 350 yen.
Closed: N/A
Open: 9am〜9:45pm (closes at 10pm). Car parking available at Akabane station subway.

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