"Photo credit: Antonio Tajuelo via Visual Hunt / CC BY "
"Photo credit: Antonio Tajuelo via Visual Hunt / CC BY "
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  • see 看到 观光 볼거리
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●Town Info

Standing 634 meters tall, Tokyo Skytree, a communications tower, is Japan’s tallest structure; and from observation deck, not only can you see the scale of Tokyo, but on a clear day Mt.Fuji makes itself visible.


Sadly there isn’t much to do in the area aside from the tower and a mall named “Tokyo Solamachi”.


The fees to enter aren’t cheap and with long lines on weekends/holidays, it’s not a must visit attraction, unless you love views from high places.


※ There is a Japanese proverb, “baka to kemuri ha takai tokoro ga suki,” which translates to “only fools and smoke love heights.” If you too are a fool, going up Tokyo Skytree is recommended.


If you are not a fool and don’t see the necessity in venturing up, going to the different viewing spots to see Tokyo Skytree is more than enough.

Asakusa is only 15-20 min. away on foot or 3 min. away by train, so stopping by these viewing points after you have fun in Asakusa is not a bad idea.

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By Train:

Station: Tokyo Skytree [とうきょうスカイツリー駅]

Train lines: Tobu Skytree line Station: Oshiage/Skytree-mae [押上•スカイツリー前駅] Train lines: Tobu Skytree, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Toei Asakusa, Keisei Oshiage, Keisei Narita Sky Access.


Free Panda Bus: Circulates once every hour between Asakusa station and Tobu Skytree line station. [travel time approx. 9 min. between the 2 locations only].

Arrives in front of Asakusa station [浅草駅] at the “Asakusa Shuyo Kanko spot” [浅草主要観光スポット], and arrives in front of Tobu Skytree line station [東武スカイツリーライン駅].


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Have a little fun wandering around Tokyo Solamachi shopping for presents and dining, after checking out the observation platform.


The “Fast Skytree Ticket” is available to foreigners such as yourself, when going up to the deck. As the name suggests, it allows you to use a “fast lane” so that you won’t have to wait to go up to the platform. The ticket can be purchased the day of as well.

Japanese tourists cannot purchase this ticket.


It costs 750 yen more than the regular ticket, but the “upgrade” is worth it especially if visiting on the terribly busy weekend or holiday. If you are going with a Japanese companion, you can purchase this ticket for them too. See below for more details:


More than 300 shops and restaurants occupy Tokyo Solamachi, enough for you to have a little fun.


The 6th and 7th floor of the East Yard invites famous, well-established shops from all over Japan; the West Yard, on the other hand, has, “Solamachi Tabe-Terrace”, a food court with reasonable prices  on the 3rd floor.


Conversely, you have your choice of high-end dining restaurants boasting a phenomenal view from the 30th and 31st floor of the East Yard “Solamachi Dining Skytree View.”


The best view belongs to Sky Restaurant 634, which happens to be on the same floor as Tokyo Skytree observation deck. As you look out to the superb view of the city, you can thrill your appetite with the French cuisine with hints of Japanese flavors, or the steel plated grill teppanyaki.


The structure is not the only high thing, though. Lunch goes from 5,000 yen 〜8,000 yen and dinner will set you back 15,000 yen〜22,000 yen. Not inexpensive by any means.


“I don’t have much money, but I want to eat and drink from a tall place with a view!” If that is you, we’ve got great news.


For 1,000 yen you can eat and drink  at SKYTREE CAFE, found in 2 locations.

Now, if your objective is to buy gifts, we recommend you pay a visit to Japan Souvenir shop [ジャパンスーベニア] on the 4th floor.


The layout is designed like an Edo era merchant’s house with a open path, that leaves you with a sense of Japanese culture. Products range from unique to fine quality Japanese goods.


Both the aquarium and planetarium are quite large and well designed, so if you are into these kind of things you are guaranteed a good time.


With the biggest fish tank in Japan, over 260 species of sea creatures swim about at the aquarium.


The planetarium, on the other hand, uses the latest equipment to incorporate and show various programs.

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●Check It

When mentioning Tokyo Skytree’s observation deck, there are 2 seperate floors: the Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck at 350 meters and the Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria at 450 meters.


Tickets to the Tembo Galleria can’t be bought in advance, but only after you have reached the Tembo Deck can you purchase tickets at the ticket counter.


It’s an unnerving system that asks you to pay again, costing extra money.

There is no drastic difference in the view from 350 meters so it’s enough.


The Tembo Deck actually occupies 3 floors at 350, 345, and 340 meters high. The 340 meter floor has an area where the flooring is transparent glass, a thrill to stand on.


The Tembo Galleria  floor is a bit sloped as you walk around it, giving visitors the feeling of “walking in the sky.”

If you want to enjoy Tokyo Skytree without having to go up, then allow us introduce you to some excellent viewing spots.


Near the Skytree are a number of rivers that stem from the Sumida River from Asakusa. One of those rivers passes underneath a bridge named Jukkenbashi [十間橋].


The calm river elegantly reflects Tokyo Skytree, or what  the Japanese call “upside-down skytree”. Here you can see two sides to the tower.


One of the little known places is Skytree View Floor on the 30th floor of Tokyo Solamachi. The open space next to the elevators presents an up-close view of Skytree lit up at night.


Once a day for every day, Tokyo Skytree is lit up in a blue color base, a purple color base, and a kind of a gold color. The colors and design also changes depending on seasons or events.


Tokyo Skytree [東京スカイツリー]

Address: 2-1 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo [東京都墨田区押上2-1] Tel: 03-5302-3470

Open: 8:00~22:00 (observation deck)

Closed:  N/A (closed if bad weather)

Fee: 1st stage observation deck (day of): [Adult 18 years or older]: 2,060 yen; [Jr. High School 12〜17]: 1,540 yen; [Primary 6〜11]: 930 yen; [Child 4〜5]: 620 yen.

※Listed prices differ if tickets purchased in advance.

Fee 2n stage observation deck: [Adult]: 1,030 yen; [Jr. High School]: 820 yen; [Primary]: 510 yen; [Child]: 310 yen.



Tokyo Solamachi [東京ソラマチ]

Address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo [東京都墨田区押上1-1-2 ]

Tel: 03-5302-3480

Open: depends on shop Closed: N/A (depends on shop)



Solamachi Dining

Address: Tokyo Solamachi East Yard 6/7th floor

Open: 11:00~23:00 Closed: N/A


Solamachi Dining Skytree View

Address: Tokyo Solamachi East Yard 30/31st floor

Open: 11:00~23:00 Closed: N/A


Solamachi Tabe-Terrace [ソラマチタベテラス]

Address: Tokyo Solamachi West Yard 3 floor

Open: 10:00~21:00 Closed: N/A


Sky Restaurant 634

Address: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck 345th floor

Tel: 03-3623-0634 Open: 11:00~21:45 Closed: N/A




Address: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck 340th floor and 350th floor (350th floor standing only)

Tel: 03-5809-7686

Open: 8:00~21:45

Closed: N/A


Sumida Aquarium [すみだ水族館]

Address: Tokyo Skytree Town 5th floor/6th floor

Tel: 03-5619-1821 Open: 9:00〜21:00

Closed:  N/A (closed on maintenance days)

Fee: [Adult]: 2050 yen; [High School Student]: 1,500 yen; [Primary/Jr. High School Student]: 1,000 yen; [3 years old +]: 600 yen



Tenku Konica Minolta Planetarium [天空 ・コニカミノルタプラネタリウム]

Access: Tokyo Skytree Town 7th floor Tel: 03-5610-3043

Open: [Weekdays]: 11:00~21:00; [Weekends & Holidays]: 10:00~21:00

Closed:  N/A Fee: [Jr. high school or older]: 1,100 yen; [4 years old〜primary]: 500 yen Url:


Jiyukken Hashi [十間橋]

Address: 5 chome Jiyukken bashi, Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo [東京都墨田区業平5丁目十間橋]

Access: 10 min. walk from Oshiage Skytree mae station [押上スカイツリー前駅]

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