Wi-Fi in Japan

Wifi and other communication networks in Japan have improved remarkably in recent years. Depending on how engaged you want to be online during your travel 4 choices are presented for you; No.1 is recommended if you always want to stay connected, No.2 if the internet is a “high priority.”


  1. Purchase a SIM Card in Advance

Purchase a SIM card before your departure online.

Though you may be living anywhere you could probably buy a 3GB SIM card for 1 week, give or take, for $10-$20 U.S.

You could even order from Amazon Japan and have it delivered to where you will be staying, and it will be slightly cheaper than buying from your country.

You may need Google translate for details written in Japanese.


The SIM card sold by Thailand’s No.1 carrier, AIS, is highly recommended (as of December 2018).

You will get 3 GB of data over 8 days starting from $13 U.S. Not only is it cheap, you can use it in 13 other Asia-Pacific countries (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Australia, and Nepal.)


  1. Survive Using Free WiFi Only

Access to free wifi can often be found at hotels, stations, trains, shopping malls/department stores, convenience stores, public facilities and more.


Below are the leading 2 free wifi apps; it’s recommended to download the apps before departing your country.


Japan Connected-free Wifi

No. of accessible spots: over 1.4 million; configured in 16 languages.

App For iOS   App for Android



No. of accessible spots: over 200 thousand; configured in 5 languages.

App for iOS    App for Android


  1. WiFi Router Rental

We don’t recommend it, here’s why:

  1. It takes time and you have to go out of your way. If you rent from Narita Airport or any other international airport in Japan, you could be faced with a long queue, then paperwork; you may be looking at more than an hour of wasted time.

You’ll have to do some paperwork when returning the device and wait again.


  1. It’s slightly expensive. Rent for a week and you’ll be paying roughly $25-$30 US.


  1. Roaming

Very expensive, not recommended at all. If you try roaming you’ll pay extraordinary fees, even with a overseas package deal from your carrier, depending on your country and provider, you may see a $10-$20 US charge per day.